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IPIN Live - Archived Blog Posts for July 2010

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How Cheese Affects UK House Prices

In the past couple of weeks or so some interesting statements and reports have appeared in the British press with respect to the future of UK house prices, the end result (depending how you read the various articles and opinion) is a little confusing to say the least....

Friday 30 Jul 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Property

For anyone new to investing that may not have decided on which sector they should invest their money into....

Wednesday 21 Jul 2010

Top 10 Property Investment Myths

Every industry has its fair share of myths and misconceptions, the investment property business is no different...

Wednesday 14 Jul 2010

IPIN Correctly Predict World Cup Winners!

After 64 games, being deafened by the previously unheard of vuvuzela, the World Cup has finally come to an end with Spain fending off the Dutch in extra time....

Monday 12 Jul 2010