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IPIN Live - Archived Blog Posts for August 2010

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Which Way Now for Property Investment? POLL

Given the current economic climate, with the past 2 years or so having hit the investment property industry rather hard and the media not knowing whether the market is on the up, taking a dive, entering a double dip or stagnating....

Monday 30 Aug 2010

Sweeping a Toxic Dump Under the Carpet

The phrase "toxic debt" has recently been added to the Oxford Dictionary of English, as the term has increased in popularity within the English language and the financial world. We aim to explain what it is and the impact of it, not just on the property markets at the public level, but right up to how the banks deal with debts and assets that have turned against them....

Tuesday 24 Aug 2010

Top 10 Property Investment What Ifs…

As with any investment vehicle, there are certain risks or variables inherent with property investment. When looking to invest, especially in some of the more traditional forms of property investment, there are a number of "what ifs" that should be asked.....

Monday 02 Aug 2010