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IPIN Live - Archived Blog Posts for January 2011

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Western Fat Cats in Chinese Shorts

Quite why certain areas of the banking fraternity are hyping the concept that China will crash seems a little unclear, not just when you consider the facts of how the Chinese view investment, but also how large some of the caveats these so-called banking experts have added to their "investment ideas".

Friday 21 Jan 2011

The Real Problem with the Housing Market

First time buyers have almost always had a tough time, it is a big step to take in life (aside from being costly), the last thing they need is fancy mortgages that will only make matters worse....

Wednesday 12 Jan 2011

New Year and Property Investment Resolutions

As we saw at the end of 2010, the consensus of opinion was mixed to say the least, although most were predicting further falls in the housing markets. Today however, Housing Minister Grant Shapps has called for "housing market stability"...

Monday 03 Jan 2011