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IPIN Live - Archived Blog Posts for July 2011

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Mortgages: The Dark Side

The press, banks and mortgage providers are insistent that Buy to Let is the housing market saviour – not because they actually believe it...

Thursday 28 Jul 2011

OECD Property Tax: More Bathtub Thinking?

Just a couple of weeks ago the UK housing minister suggested that we all get together with our mates so everyone can afford a house through the virtue of "mates mortgages"...

Friday 22 Jul 2011

How The Buy to Let Market Is Manipulated

Apparently the number of Buy to Let mortgage products has risen by 35% over the last quarter...

Friday 15 Jul 2011

UK Housing Minister Grant Shapps Gets Matey

Mr Shapps, despite being the UK Housing Minister seems to have overlooked the fact that "Mates Mortgages" already exist...

Thursday 07 Jul 2011