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IPIN Live - Archived Blog Posts for February 2012

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Madness Epidemic Hits Housing Market

This week (bear in mind it's only Monday afternoon as I write) a Buy to Let millionaire has announced he is standing to be the next Kent Police Commissioner stating that he has the financial skills to help run Kent Police...

Tuesday 28 Feb 2012

Mortgage Famines and Stamp Duty Holidays – Between the Lines

Having almost reached the point of blocking anything to do with news about Buy to Let lending and how rental prices are going to the moon, it would appear the trend in what the press thinks we need to read about the property market is changing...

Monday 20 Feb 2012

Residential Buy to Let Funding and Financial Incest

It would seem no matter where you look at the moment – Buy to Let is hogging the news. Blooming, booming, flourishing and no end of adjectives adorn the headlines; all in a bid to flog the concept to the public that having someone else paying your mortgage is a good idea. On closer inspection of the bigger picture however...

Friday 10 Feb 2012