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IPIN Live - Archived Blog Posts for March 2012

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Solid Proof - The Bank of England Doesn't Understand the Housing Market

Proof that one of the top men in banking in the UK has no idea on how the housing market works. A man that is responsible for advising the government on mortgage lending policies and yet has repeatedly made outlandish statements to the press, the government, and is still employed at the Bank of England...

Friday 23 Mar 2012

NewBuy - Shapps, Pickles, Dromey and the Bathtub Thinking Party

The housing market is in a right old state in the UK at the moment and try as they might, the comedy coalition government just don't seem to be able to get it right. Not that this is a particularly new feature of a UK government...

Tuesday 20 Mar 2012

Average House Prices Explained

Prepare for the harsh reality about one of most frequently cited phrases in recent times and why it is the most useless piece of statistical data since someone worked out how many particles of fog will fit on a teaspoon...

Tuesday 06 Mar 2012