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Archived posts about Finance | Economy for December 2011

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Rental Boom Lights Beacon of Hope for US Housing Market

The US and UK housing markets have experienced many similar trends during the financial crisis; with both experiencing the same trends, usually one followed by the other...

Friday 23 Dec 2011

Chinese Property Market - From Boom to Bust?

Concerns surrounding a looming crisis in China's property sector and the subsequent negative impact this could have on the rest of the economy, has been the subject of conjecture in the International press for the past few months...

Friday 23 Dec 2011

Commercial Property Investors 'to Focus on Quality'

The "flight to quality and security" among commercial property investors will continue next year, one real estate expert has claimed...

Friday 23 Dec 2011

UK House Prices in 2012 - The Humbug Report

Last year's Housing Humbug Report covered a number of points, many of which will make an appearance again this year of course – but first, was I right?

Friday 23 Dec 2011

New Data Affirms Prime Property as Investment Safe Haven

Last year 26,744 more homeowners had properties worth a million quid or more, taking the UK total to 253,118 in December. This amounts to 1 in every 108 homes, which is down slightly compared to the 1 in 97 homes registered in 2007.

Thursday 22 Dec 2011

Predictions for 2012 Investment Strategies Revealed

LaSalle Investment Management (LaSalle) has published its Investment Strategy Annual 2012, with predictions for the performance of international real estate markets over the coming year, as well as a focus on which assets are likely to be the targeted by investors....

Thursday 22 Dec 2011

British Banks and Insurers Invest Heavily in UK Rental Property

According to data just released by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, financial institutions invested £2.2 billion in UK houses and apartments in the year ending April 2011, a 189% increase over the previous year...

Wednesday 21 Dec 2011

Price Falls Predicted for UK Commercial Property

Figures published by IPD earlier this week revealed that, for the first time in over two years, a capital decline occurred in the UK's commercial property market during November. According to the firm's monthly index...

Tuesday 20 Dec 2011

New Build Indemnity Scheme - Such Good News for First Time Buyers?

In theory, the scheme appeared as an appealing win-win proposition for all involved, particularly for first-time buyers frozen out of the market by the hefty average 17% deposits that lenders are currently demanding. In practice however, there are growing concerns...

Friday 16 Dec 2011

UK House Prices: What to Expect in 2012

The value of homes in the UK has been broadly stable during 2011, posting slight gains at the start of the year followed by marginal declines in more recent months...

Friday 16 Dec 2011

Thai Hotels Set to Hike Prices

There is the possibility that hoteliers in Thailand will increase their room rates next year, it has been reported. The Bangkok Post recently highlighted predictions made by US firm Starwood Hotels and Resorts, which anticipates the cost of staying in a Thai hotel to rise by up to 20 per cent in 2012....

Friday 16 Dec 2011

Contrasting Fortunes for EMEA Hotel Market Progress

The Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) hotel market has delivered a mixed performance so far in 2011. Research published last month by Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels revealed that the sector...

Friday 16 Dec 2011

Shared Ownership Offers Hope to First Time Buyers

Shared ownership is being hailed as the saviour of UK first time buyers. It is a simple but unfortunate truth that most potential first time buyers in the UK can't get a mortgage...

Friday 16 Dec 2011

Olympics Set to Shape London's Property Future

With development continuing apace in the London districts surrounding the Olympic venues for 2012, there is much speculation over how the real estate market in the capital will be affected by the sporting event in years to come....

Thursday 08 Dec 2011

Emerging Property Markets - An Alternative to Prime Property?

During the boom emerging markets were all the rage with investors, especially private investors who could only see the potential profit of a studio apartment for £7k (for example), and hear the talk of the 40% instant gain made on completion of an off plan property...

Thursday 08 Dec 2011

Financial Transactions Tax - The Pros and Cons

For those that don't know, the combined intellect of the European Union's financial brains has come up with a tax first conceived in a university lecture in the seventies...

Wednesday 07 Dec 2011

Pensions - From Senior Citizens to Senior Debt?

There is a question at the moment, about whether or not insurance companies, pension providers and other institutional investors can fill the senior debt in the real estate industry...

Wednesday 07 Dec 2011

Moscow – Europe’s New Real Estate Investment Hotspot?

Amid the climate of economic turmoil fuelled by the ongoing Eurozone sovereign debt crisis, the Moscow real estate market is attracting an increasing number of investors looking for an alternative to the erstwhile traditional Western European property hotspots...

Friday 02 Dec 2011

Demand for house price cuts in Scotland

Scottish house sellers are gradually and increasingly being forced to lower their asking prices as buyers simply refuse to pay for their optimism...

Friday 02 Dec 2011

The Future Of Construction Financing?

Almost half a decade since the financial crisis started and we all live in a different world. Developers in the UK, US and many other locations have been hit from all angles...

Friday 02 Dec 2011

90 per cent mortgages back with a vengeance

90 percent mortgages are becoming more and more common, and some banks/building societies are even offering 95% LTV mortgages on a localised basis. There is even talk of a return of 100% LTV mortgages in 2012...

Thursday 01 Dec 2011