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Property Could be the Sector to Watch, Survey Says

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Property Could be the Sector to Watch, Survey Says

By - Wednesday 26 January 2011

New research has revealed that investor sentiment is turning a corner and highlighted property as the sector to watch for future growth, the FT Advisor has reported.

According to the results of the FT's quarterly Celsius Investment Sentiment Indicator survey, views held by financial advisers towards the IMA Property sector are slowly beginning to change.

The survey asked advisers what modifications they planned to make to their clients' portfolios in the coming months.

Indeed, a total of 73.8 per cent of the professional financial advisers who responded expressed an opinion on the IMA Property sector. Their combined opinions provided a sentiment index reading of six - a one point positive change from the previous quarter.

"All in all, property will perhaps be the most interesting and least predictable asset class to watch in coming Celsius sentiment surveys," the report said. "Because of its dual capital appreciation and income generation factors, which are driving sentiment in equity income, property could bounce back strongly in future sentiment surveys."

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