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IPIN Live - Archived News for November 2011

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Manchester and Liverpool Emerge as Buy to Let Goldmines

With rents in the UK rising and an increasing number of investors hoping to capitalise on the Buy to Let (BTL) market, where are some of the best locations for landlords to achieve a good return on their investment...

Wednesday 30 Nov 2011

Moving up the property ladder: North v South

We hear a lot about the first rung of the property ladder, or rather "how difficult next to nigh on impossible" it is for first time buyers to make that first step on the ladder - so much so that we forget that it is a first rung...

Wednesday 30 Nov 2011

Olympic Sprint For Buy to Let

Fuelled by a convergence of ironies and unique circumstance the London property market is experiencing an unprecedented rental boom and a completely illogical performance across the other metrics. ..

Tuesday 29 Nov 2011

Potential Landlords Encouraged to Act Now in Buy To Let Market

With the price of renting rising for tenants and a lack of mortgage finance keeping many first-time buyers off the property ladder, the buy to let (BTL) market in the UK has been going from strength to strength....

Monday 28 Nov 2011

CBI Leads the Backing for Homebuyers

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) recently came out in support of introducing more measures to help first-time buyers (FTBs) get on the property ladder in the UK...

Monday 28 Nov 2011

Salway Skyscraper Optimism

Earlier this month, chief executive of Land Securities Francis Salway announced that the firm intends to go ahead with its Walkie Talkie office building development in London's financial district - despite the current economic climate and no letting deal with a major tenant....

Thursday 24 Nov 2011

Debt To The Future - Should Pensions Fund First Time Buyers?

The Confederation of British Industry has come out and said that first time buyers should be given access to their pension pots to fund the deposit on a mortgage. In a new study published last week titled Unfreezing the Housing Market, states that UK housing sales have plummeted despite the fact that there are 5 million people "languishing on waiting lists".

Thursday 24 Nov 2011

Chinese Land Sales Moving West?

Land sales in China have plummeted as the governments curbing measures not only put the brakes on the market but sent it hurtling into reverse.

Thursday 24 Nov 2011

Property Investment Opportunities Imminent Down Under

Property values in Australia have fallen for five consecutive quarters, data from Australian Property Monitors (APM) shows.

Wednesday 23 Nov 2011

Property Investment - After the Riots

The London riots this summer certainly grabbed plenty of headlines, but has the civil unrest had a lasting impact on the city's property market? According to the director of Housenetwork Graham Lock, there hasn't been any lasting damage....

Tuesday 22 Nov 2011

Unused Buildings and Student Accommodation Funding

Developers and investors who are keen to enter the student accommodation market may want to turn their attention towards renovating unused buildings for the purpose.

Monday 21 Nov 2011

Bizarre Forces Increase House Prices

Although the average price of buying a home in the UK may have fallen, with figures published by the Land Registry in September recording an annual drop of 2.6 per cent, there are some towns and cities in the country that have bucked the trend....

Friday 18 Nov 2011

Will London Property Activity Heat Up This Winter?

According to a consensus of data from larger agents including Knight Frank and Savills, foreign buyers currently make around 50% of property purchases in London...

Friday 18 Nov 2011

Who Is Investing In London's New-Build Hotspots?

A recent Knight Frank report looking at the prospects for a range of districts in London singled out numerous areas that can expect to see property price growth of over 50 per cent by 2016...

Thursday 17 Nov 2011

Bank Hesitation - A "Staggering" Opportunity For Alternative Lenders

Banks have cooled lending on student accommodation, because of fears that the increasing student tuition fees could have a hampering effect on the sector...

Thursday 17 Nov 2011

NEF 'On Track To Help North-East SMEs'

North East Finance (NEF) is an organisation that was established to provide support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the north-east of England...

Wednesday 16 Nov 2011

Student Accommodation - The New Battle of York?

York council wants to override the UK legislation by imposing what is called an Article 4 Direction, which basically gives the council the right to order planning permission be sought to change occupational use...

Wednesday 16 Nov 2011

Can North-West Benefit From Boost To Manchester Property Market?

Investment volumes in commercial property in the north-west of England increased significantly during the third quarter (Q3) of 2011, compared to the previous three-month period...

Tuesday 15 Nov 2011

Chinese Investors Buoy London Property - Who Is Next?

Foreign buyers have become a dominant force in the London property market, pushing up demand and pushing up prices. Over the last 12 months Chinese buyers have become known...

Tuesday 15 Nov 2011

What Caused The Construction PMI Rise?

In October, the Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) compiled by Markit and the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) hit its highest level for five months - but what was behind the unexpected rise?...

Monday 14 Nov 2011

Is UK Construction Looking Up After Improved PMI Figures?

When the latest figures from the Markit/Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) for the construction sector were released at the start of this month, an unexpected improvement in the sector was recorded....

Friday 11 Nov 2011

Should Landlords Enforce A Pet Ban?

A ban on pets in rented properties is not uncommon, but with an increasing number of people entering the rental market, is it time for landlords to reconsider?

Thursday 10 Nov 2011

Buy to Let Market News – Continued Growth in BTL Market

The UK buy to let sector is continuing to present itself as one of the best areas of investment, as a set of circumstances align perfectly to create a near-perfect environment for investment - of course with the proper research and due diligence...

Thursday 10 Nov 2011

What Does Increased Chinese Investment Mean For UK Hotels?

An increasing number of Chinese investors have been targeting real estate markets overseas, with hotels among the sectors that this demographic is interested in. According to head of hotels at Christie + Co Jeremy Hill, this can only benefit the industry....

Wednesday 09 Nov 2011

UK Rents at Record High

The UK rental market has exploded into a ferocious boom. Whereas price growth has been limited to London in the last few months, the rental boom is happening countrywide...

Wednesday 09 Nov 2011

London Rents – What Are The Prospects For 2012?

With properties in London seeing rents rise at a significant pace during 2011, investors, landlords and tenants may be wondering whether the growth in the market can continue at such a rate in 2012...

Tuesday 08 Nov 2011

Indian Property Investor Numbers Are on the Rise

As the Indian property market more wriggles and squirms than crashes and burns, more and more Indian investors are pouring their investments into London property...

Tuesday 08 Nov 2011

The Driving Forces Behind Soaring London Rents

With rents in London hitting new highs and displaying annual growth of 5.8 per cent, according to the most recent Buy to Let index from LSL Property Services, investors may be wondering what exactly is pushing the market ever higher....

Monday 07 Nov 2011

The Effects of the Eurozone Crisis on Real Estate in the Emirates

During the boom, many of the buyers that caused scintillation in the Dubai property market were from the EU, but now not only Dubai, but the UAE and wider gulf region is wishing that the loss of such buyers were its only exposure to the EU's sovereign debt crisis...

Monday 07 Nov 2011

When Will London Rents Finally Peak?

There have been significant increases in London rents over the past two years, with Knight Frank figures indicating that since 2009, the price of renting a home in the capital has increased by 27 per cent....

Friday 04 Nov 2011