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IPIN Live - Archived News for August 2011

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US Commercial Real Estate Hit By Low Economic Growth

The commercial real estate sector in the US has been impacted by the country's low level of economic growth, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has warned. The organisation moderated its predictions for the coming months due to the slowdown in the economy and poor job creation figures...

Tuesday 30 Aug 2011

Property Investors 'Should Look For Scarce Assets'

Investors searching for real estate assets that will offer good returns should target "the scarce resource", one expert has claimed...

Tuesday 30 Aug 2011

European Hotel Market Posts Strong Results

The latest figures published by STR Global have shown that the European hotel industry posted growth during July when compared to the same month last year...

Friday 26 Aug 2011

Investors 'Increasingly Interested' In Distressed Property

Demand for distressed property rose significantly around the world during the second quarter of the year, the latest research from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) shows...

Friday 26 Aug 2011

Global Commercial Property Markets 'Improving'

There has been a gradual improvement in the performance of commercial real estate markets around the world, the latest research from CB Richard Ellis (CBRE) has revealed...

Friday 26 Aug 2011

Real Estate 'Outperforms Other Investments'

People who have ploughed their money into real estate assets are likely to find that this class has outperformed other sectors in terms of the return generated on the initial outlay...

Thursday 25 Aug 2011

Property 'Should Not Be Affected By Stock Markets'

The property sector should not be affected in the same way as stocks and shares as a result of global economic issues...

Thursday 25 Aug 2011

Investors Turn To London Due To Strong Exchange Rates

Strong foreign exchange rates are just one of the reasons that international property investors are looking for assets in the UK capital's prime areas...

Wednesday 24 Aug 2011

Banks 'To Dispose Of Distressed Stock Slowly'

Financial institutions in the UK will sell off the assets in their distressed property loan books gradually...

Wednesday 24 Aug 2011

Investors 'Looking Outside London'

Locations in the north of England are attracting attention from property investors keen to establish a portfolio relatively quickly, it has been claimed...

Tuesday 23 Aug 2011

RICS Oceania Highlights Impact Of New IASB Lease Rules

The new rules on leases being proposed by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) will have a noticeable effect on the way in which business is conducted...

Tuesday 23 Aug 2011

German Property Market 'Robust'

Germany's property investment market is considered to be "stable and prosperous" among investors, CB Richard Ellis (CBRE) has revealed...

Monday 22 Aug 2011

Lack Of Space 'Could Buoy Europe's Office And Retail Market'

The slowdown in the global economy coupled with the effect of the downgrade of the US AAA credit rating could have an impact on real estate fundamentals, it has been suggested...

Friday 19 Aug 2011

University Towns 'Sensible Areas For Property Investment'

People who want to invest in property should look at the opportunities on offer in university towns because they generally have a more healthy economy than other parts of the country...

Friday 19 Aug 2011

Property Investors 'To Face Short-Term Challenges'

Global real estate investors will be faced with challenges in the short term as a result of market volatility, a panel of experts has asserted...

Thursday 18 Aug 2011

New York Tops The List For Commercial Property Investment

New figures published by Jones Lang LaSalle have revealed that the highest volume of investment in commercial property transactions took place in New York...

Thursday 18 Aug 2011

Boost Expected For Shopping Centre Investment

The investment market for shopping centres will experience a significant rise in activity towards the end of this year, Savills has predicted...

Wednesday 17 Aug 2011

Capital Growth Recorded For London Offices

London office space is one of the few areas of the commercial property industry in the UK to have experienced capital growth during July compared to June...

Wednesday 17 Aug 2011

House Price Boost For 'New' University Towns

Towns where universities have been established since 1960 have seen house prices increase by a substantial amount in a decade, new research has found...

Wednesday 17 Aug 2011

Commercial Property Investors 'Turning To Prime Markets'

Commercial real estate investors are seeking out "less risky types of investments" due to the market volatility...

Tuesday 16 Aug 2011

High End North Surrey Property Attracting Buyers

Property in North Surrey valued at more than four million GBP has been popular among international buyers over the past few months...

Tuesday 16 Aug 2011

'Moderate Decline' For US House Prices

The latest US housing data published by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has revealed that property prices in metropolitan areas...

Monday 15 Aug 2011

Boston 'Top Choice' For Real Estate Investors

Boston has been named as the best US college city for investors this year by Move, Inc. The company has put together a list detailing the top options for those looking to put their money into real estate...

Monday 15 Aug 2011

Central London Office Market 'Remains Positive'

New research published by CB Richard Ellis (CBRE) has revealed that the central London office market helped buoy the rest of the sector in the UK after a further positive month in July...

Monday 15 Aug 2011

Could Riots Affect London Property Values?

Some commentators in the real estate investment arena have suggested that the rioting experienced in London and elsewhere in the country this week could have a negative effect on the sector...

Friday 12 Aug 2011

London's Hotels 'Best Performing In Europe'

Hotels in London have outperformed the rest of Europe, according to the latest data published by Knight Frank. The organisation explained that the weak pound in conjunction with a "relatively restricted supply" of rooms has helped boost the sector...

Friday 12 Aug 2011

Average UK Rents And Tenant Age Up

The HomeLet Rental index for July has revealed that average rents across the country increased last month, but so too did the median age of tenants...

Friday 12 Aug 2011

Retail Investors 'Focus On Germany'

Investment activity in the retail property sector in Europe has been concentrated on Germany, Poland, Russia and countries in the Nordic region...

Friday 12 Aug 2011

Gap Emerging Between 'Old' And 'New' World Economies

The Savills World Class Index, which covers premier residential property locations around the world, has revealed that a gap is opening up between the "old world" and "new world" economies...

Friday 12 Aug 2011

Leasing Demand For Luxury Hong Kong Properties 'Strong'

Luxury residential properties in Hong Kong are attracting attention from those looking to lease, which could make such real estate assets a good choice for investors...

Friday 12 Aug 2011