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IPIN Live - Archived News for November 2013

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House Price Expectations Waning Slightly

Confidence in the property investment market is improving, as demand rises and lending increases. However, when it comes to house prices, expectations are waning slightly...

Tuesday 19 Nov 2013

UK Rents are Historically Stable

Rents in the UK may have fallen in October, but historically they are stable, according to the latest HomeLet Rental Index. Last month the average sum paid by tenants stood at GBP 815, down 4.6 per cent from September...

Tuesday 19 Nov 2013

Demand for Property at 11-Year High

Demand for property in the UK is now at an 11-year high, meaning those considering real estate investment will need to come to the table with adequate financial backing...

Monday 18 Nov 2013

Is it Getting Harder to Find a Property Bargain?

Real estate investment opportunities are often characterised by their low price and potential to generate value and returns. However, getting a bargain in Britain's property market is certainly getting harder...

Friday 15 Nov 2013

More Brits Now Taking a Lodger

The rental market is getting more and more crowded for those considering property investment, with around 1.7 million Britons now taking a lodger...

Thursday 14 Nov 2013

Policy Exchange: Uk Needs More Homes not Taxes

Research from the Policy Exchange claims it is urgent that policymakers prioritise increasing housing stock, creating 1.5 million new homes by 2020, including the formation of at least one new garden city. Doing so will ease some of the barriers to home ownership...

Wednesday 13 Nov 2013

House Prices to Increase 25% by 2018?

Mainstream house prices will increase by an average of 25 per cent over the next five years, according to a new report. Savills' five-year forecast showed there is much confidence in the market, which will drive 17 per cent growth in the next three years alone...

Tuesday 12 Nov 2013

Help to Buy Mortgage Guarantee Causing Confusion

The mortgage guarantee component of the Help to Buy scheme is causing confusion among first-time buyers. A consumer survey revealed 43 per cent of those new to the property market and other home movers are unsure of the benefits the scheme will give them.

Monday 11 Nov 2013

Is London Reaching a Plateau?

Growth in London's property market has been the subject of much hubbub in recent times and it is starting to feel like the city's skyrocketing prices have no end. However, it seems the capital could be about to reach something of a plateau...

Friday 08 Nov 2013

Does the UK Tax System Need Overhauling?

The UK tax system has long come under fire by home buyers and property investors alike. Now Berkely Group has joined those claiming it needs an overhaul...

Thursday 07 Nov 2013

New Homes Bonus Scheme Failing to Encourage Building

The government's New Homes Bonus scheme to encourage the construction of properties in the UK where supply is weakest is failing to live up to its mandate...

Wednesday 06 Nov 2013

Prices to Rise by 17% in Next Five Years

House prices are likely to rise by 17 per cent over the next five years, according to research from CBRE. Pent up housing demand in core markets, combined with the UK's economic recovery, improved lending conditions and a shortage of supply will send values upwards...

Tuesday 05 Nov 2013

BPF: Taxes for Foreign Investors will Harm Market

The British Property Federation (BPF) is warning that new taxes on foreign investors will only serve to damage the country's reputation as 'open for business', opposed to keeping a cap on prices...

Tuesday 05 Nov 2013

What Does It Take to Be a Good Landlord?

It is easy to feel that once you've actually made a property investment, the hard work is over. However, this is when the journey actually begins and it is important to develop the skills needed to become a good landlord...

Monday 04 Nov 2013