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IPIN Live - Archived News for September 2013

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Nationwide: UK Property Prices Accelerating

House prices in the UK rose by 0.9 percent in September, which marks a five percent year-on-year increase, according...

Monday 30 Sep 2013

Labour Party Vows To Tackle Housing Crisis

The Labour Party has pledged that, should it come into power at the next general election, it will tackle the UK's...

Friday 27 Sep 2013

Rural English Estates Performing Well For Investors

Investors who plough their money into rural English estates are continuing to see a good return on their investment...

Thursday 26 Sep 2013

UK Rent Hits Record High

Rent in the UK has set yet another record, with rates paid by private tenants jumping by four per cent in August.

Wednesday 25 Sep 2013

House Price Sentiment On The Up

Householders are anticipating a jump in property prices over the next year, new research has revealed, with consumers...

Tuesday 24 Sep 2013

Healthy and Broad Based Recovery for UK

The UK property market is on track for a healthy and broad based recovery, according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders...

Monday 23 Sep 2013

Buy-to-Let Mortgages Narrowly Miss Abolition

Buy-to-let mortgages in the European Union (EU) have narrowly avoided abolition during wide-ranging reforms to lending...

Friday 20 Sep 2013

Poor September Start Bad for US Hotel Market

The US hotel market has been causing concern for those considering real estate investment of late and the sector's...

Thursday 19 Sep 2013

Britons Relaxed Over Market Overheating Concerns

Experts may be concerned about the UK property market overheating, but it seems Britons are relatively relaxed over a...

Wednesday 18 Sep 2013

London Rents Increase In August but Down Overall

Average rents in London increased in August but remain down year-on-year. Research from Move with Us showed Greater...

Tuesday 17 Sep 2013

Rental Sector to Expand Despite Sales Recovery

Property sales may be on the up but the rental sector is still in high demand. Savills claims the market is poised for...

Monday 16 Sep 2013

New Advertising Guidance For Landlords and Letting Agents

Landlords and letting agents must beware of changes to advertising guidance relating to non-refundable fees...

Friday 13 Sep 2013

Bungalows Could Free Up Family Housing

The UK is experiencing a shortage of family housing, as supply struggles to keep up with demand. However, experts now...

Thursday 12 Sep 2013

Have University Rents Gone Too Far?

University accommodation is the property investment project du jour at the moment, but it seems that in the chase for...

Wednesday 11 Sep 2013

Balconies Up Premiums for London Landlords

A property with a balcony is a top investment opportunity in London for landlords looking to maximise premiums...

Tuesday 10 Sep 2013

South-East LHA Landlords Falling on Hardship

Local Housing Authority (LHA) landlords in the south-east have found themselves falling on hard times recently...

Monday 09 Sep 2013

Affordability Checks 'Won't Affect Lending Market'

The lending market will not be dented by the introduction of affordability checks, according to new research. A study...

Thursday 05 Sep 2013

Home Affordability in the UK is Improving

Taking on a property investment project is now much cheaper than it would have been a couple of years ago, according...

Wednesday 04 Sep 2013

Smaller Seasonal Drop for New Seller Asking Prices

The seasonal drop in new seller asking prices was less than usual in August, according to new figures. Rightmove's...

Tuesday 03 Sep 2013

IMLA - Help to Buy Threatened by Rising Prices

The government's much-praised Help to Buy scheme is being threatened by rising house prices. According to the...

Monday 02 Sep 2013