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IPIN Live - Archived News for January 2014

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Buy-to-Let Mortgage Choice Could Boost Market in 2014

The buy-to-let market could be boosted this year by the sheer choice of mortgages lenders are bringing to the fore for those looking to put their money into a thriving residential lettings sector...

Friday 31 Jan 2014

UK Homeowners Experiencing More Confidence in 2014

UK homeowners and investors looking to sell on their properties are feeling more confident that they will see the price they can bring in rising this year...

Thursday 30 Jan 2014

Property Prices in Europe Show UK is the Place to Invest

For years, British investors in property have been among the most likely to be putting their money into foreign markets, where holiday homes and rental accommodation could promise them an income as well as the future capital gains...

Wednesday 29 Jan 2014

London Prices to Slow: Investors Can Grab Chances to Buy

There can be absolutely no doubt that the London property market is one of the shining lights of the UK economy, and offers some of the best opportunities for investment seen anywhere in the world thanks to strong demand...

Wednesday 29 Jan 2014

Rental Prices Stabilise to Prove Maturity in the Market

Landlords across the UK witnessed impressive increases in what they were able to bring in through rental income throughout 2013, but growth levels were far slower than they were a year before...

Tuesday 28 Jan 2014

Landlords Becoming Helpful to Tenants in Competitive Market

Landlords across the nation are increasingly going the extra mile to help out their tenants as a way to make sure they are happy at a time when the rented sector remains particularly competitive for buy-to-let owners...

Tuesday 28 Jan 2014

Landlords Must Keep Track as Rental Arrears Start to Build

Landlords in the UK are increasingly having to make sure they keep track of the financial state of their tenants, as the number of people who are falling into severe arrears with their rental payments rose...

Monday 27 Jan 2014

Investment Competition Heats Up: Buyers Purchase On Single Visit

The demand for property to invest in in the UK has been no secret in the last few months and according to new reports, this is leading to a trend for quicker decisions and more purchases being made on a whim...

Monday 27 Jan 2014

Mortgage Market Growth To Continue Throughout 2014

Growth in the mortgage market is expected to continue throughout 2014, following a period of faster than expected growth in the lending sector during the second half of 2013...

Monday 27 Jan 2014

MMR Set To Change The Mortgage Market In 2014

The implementation of the new Mortgage Market Review (MMR) regulations from April this year will change the market, subduing any great growth in the mortgage and lending sector...

Friday 24 Jan 2014

London Named As Best City For Foreign Investment

London has been named as the best city in the world for foreign investment in the same week it was announced that foreign buy-to-let ownership in the UK is increasing quickly...

Friday 24 Jan 2014

Change of Attitude Means More Foreign Investment in UK Buy-To-Let

A change in the attitude of foreign investors in the UK property market has meant that there are now far more overseas landlords than ever before, according to a new report published by UHY Hacker Young...

Thursday 23 Jan 2014

Nationwide: Property Prices Rise 8.4% In 2013

Property prices across the UK rose by 1.4 per cent through December to mark a strong end to the year and leave the property market having grown repeatedly throughout 2013...

Monday 13 Jan 2014

Property Prices To See Strongest Growth In South-East

Property prices are set to grow by up to eight per cent in the UK in 2014 according to numerous commentators, but it will be the south-east of England where the best increases will be seen...

Friday 10 Jan 2014

Property Price Rises ''To Hit 10% in 2014''

The rate of property price rises in 2014 could be double that seen in 2013, according to new reports, as the market continues to recover from the negative conditions seen in 2007 and 2008...

Thursday 09 Jan 2014

Renters Make New Years Resolution to Buy

As the clock struck midnight on December 31st, many renters in the UK will have made a resolution to enter the property market this year. Indeed, in a move that could see rental prices stay flat for landlords in 2014...

Wednesday 08 Jan 2014

Choice Of Mortgage Products At 5 Year High

The choice of mortgages for residential property buyers in the UK is now three times bigger than in 2009, with 12,000 products on the market. This figure marks a five-year high for the industry, according to the National Mortgage Index from Mortgage Advice Bureau (MAB).

Tuesday 07 Jan 2014

Net Yields of Up To 8% In Some University Cities

Because of the reputation of British educational establishments, it's no surprise that the sector is attracting international investors, including those from the US...

Tuesday 07 Jan 2014

Residential Mortgage Lending up 30%

Houses sold better than expected in 2013, boosting mortgage lending by 30 per cent since last year and far exceeding forecasted rates. The figures, provided by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML), suggest continued growth...

Monday 06 Jan 2014

London Developers Pledge to Give UK Buyers Equal Deal

Developers have pledged to give UK buyers in London a fairer deal, voluntarily committing to releasing properties to the domestic market at the same time as abroad...

Monday 06 Jan 2014

Landlords ''Must be Vigilant of Damp and Mould''

Condensation and mould in residential property is a substantial problem in Britain, especially over the winter months. This issue tends to start in kitchens and bathrooms, where moist warm air is generated, before moving to colder parts of the house.

Monday 06 Jan 2014

Scottish Property Prices Predicted to Rise 7% in 2014

House prices in Scotland are set to rise seven per cent next year, a new report suggests. According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the average cost of a home will increase...

Friday 03 Jan 2014

Jones Lang LaSalle: CGT Changes Will Impact Development

Imposing Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on overseas buyers of UK residential property is unlikely to have a long-term impact on foreign investment but will hinder development, according to Jones Lang LaSalle...

Friday 03 Jan 2014

Immigration Bill Causing Concern for Landlords

Landlords are growing concerned about the proposed Immigration Bill, according to research from the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA)...

Thursday 02 Jan 2014