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IPIN Live - Archived News for February 2014

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Rental Yields Showed Strong Growth in the Last 12 Months

The level of rental yields enjoyed by landlords across the UK showed strong growth in the past year to remain at a high point that shows how much of an investment option it remains for those with money to spend in the property sector...

Friday 28 Feb 2014

Scottish Commercial Property Indicative of Regional Strength

Overall investment in the commercial property market in Scotland in 2013 has shown yet again just how much the regional areas of the UK are now performing...

Thursday 27 Feb 2014

House Building Improved by 23% in 2013

The UK housing market has been in a fantastic state of health throughout the last year when compared to the years that have preceded it. Riding a wave of low interest rates...

Wednesday 26 Feb 2014

Buyers Rent for 7 Years Before Taking the Plunge

Buy-to-let investors across the UK have been told repeatedly since the start of last year that there's a chance their properties could come under pressure from the number of people buying their own homes, with demand in private lets likely to drop...

Tuesday 25 Feb 2014

UK Property Price Hits GBP 250,000 For First Time

The mean price of homes across the UK has now topped GBP 250,000 for the first time in history, according to the latest official figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS)...

Monday 24 Feb 2014

UK Homes Selling at Fastest Post-Recession Pace

The amount of time that UK homes spend on the market is at its lowest since the financial downturn, new data released has shown, as the supply and demand imbalance continues to push competition between buyers across the country...

Friday 21 Feb 2014

London Property Providing "Ripple Effect" for the UK

The UK's property market is now being boosted by the positivity that has been seen in London in recent years, which could be good news for investors who are looking for new areas to buy in...

Thursday 20 Feb 2014

More UK Properties Now Selling Above Asking Prices

Good news for investors around the UK - property is now selling at or above asking prices in greater proportions than at any time in recent years, with demand and the continued low supply...

Wednesday 19 Feb 2014

Newcastle City Centre Underlines Health in Regional Office Market

Time and again over the past few months, it has been reported that the commercial property market in regions away from London is getting stronger. This has now been underlined by a new report from Knight Frank, which has shown recovery in the office rental sector in Newcastle...

Tuesday 18 Feb 2014

Regional Office Investment Hits Six-Year High

The level of investment in UK office spaces outside of London has hit a six-year high, according to the latest figures released by Knight Frank, which show there has been a real sentiment for purchase outside the capital...

Monday 17 Feb 2014

Scottish Commercial Property Deals Up 81% in 2013

London has long been the best place for investing in commercial property, particularly since the financial crisis hit the UK and sent valuations in regional areas of the UK tumbling. However, as the economy continues to recover...

Friday 14 Feb 2014

Professional Tenants Pushing Up Prime Central London Rents

It's a well-known fact that the improving economy and the subsequent rising business sentiment has pushed the price of commercial property in London much higher over the last year - rents for offices, for example, are expected to hit all-time highs by 2018...

Thursday 13 Feb 2014

Market Conditions Push UK to the Top for Commercial Investment

The market conditions that were inherent throughout the UK and the rest of the continent meant that the country enjoyed a strong year in terms of commercial property investment...

Wednesday 12 Feb 2014

Commercial Property Investment at Six-Year High

Levels of investment in the commercial property sector are now at their highest recorded since 2007, according to the latest report compiled by DTZ...

Tuesday 11 Feb 2014

Optimism Continues as the Order of the Day in UK Buy To Let

The levels of optimism seen in the UK buy-to-let sector in recent times is set to continue into 2014, according to recent reports. It said that demand is now so high that as many as four in ten landlords across the nation are looking to increase what they charge their tenants in the coming year...

Monday 10 Feb 2014

"Pent-up Demand" to Push UK Property Forward in 2014

A degree of easing in the risk averse attitude of UK property investors could see prices in the market rising even faster than has previously been predicted, according to the latest forecast...

Thursday 06 Feb 2014

Improvements Widespread in 2013 for English Property

The improvements in the property market in England were widespread throughout the whole of 2013, according to new reports released by the Land Registry...

Wednesday 05 Feb 2014

London Rental Prices are Double the UK Average

The price of renting properties in London is now more than double the average for the rest of the UK, the latest published figures from Gumtree have shown...

Tuesday 04 Feb 2014

Buyer Sentiment Set to Remain Strong in 2014

The positive sentiment among buyers in the UK property market is set to remain in place this year, according to one firm, but for completely different reasons than those experienced last year...

Monday 03 Feb 2014