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Displaying 52 news articles, stories and information about Scotland .

UK Elections 2015: Is London's Property Bubble about to Burst?

As it draws closer to the UK's elections, foreign exchange markets have displayed more volatility than seen since the US had its 'fiscal cliff' moment.....

Wednesday 06 May 2015

UK Property Boosted by Help-to-Buy Say Government

The last week has seen a number of positive highlights for the UK property market. For example, the latest Help-to-Buy figures reveal that nearly 53,000....

Wednesday 01 Oct 2014

UK Attracts Record Foreign Direct Investment in 2014

The UK has attracted the most inward investment projects since records began in the 1980s, creating the highest number of new jobs....

Wednesday 17 Sep 2014

Edinburgh Hotels Perform Well on Back of Events

It is estimated that the Six Nations Rugby Championship period will see some £30 million injected into the Edinburgh economy within the space of just over a month...

Thursday 06 Mar 2014

Commercial Property REITs: The Future in Investment

Commercial property REITs in the UK are set to become more popular and prevalent in the UK looking forward, as the promised returns offer much more of a steady income...

Wednesday 05 Mar 2014

Scottish Commercial Property Indicative of Regional Strength

Overall investment in the commercial property market in Scotland in 2013 has shown yet again just how much the regional areas of the UK are now performing...

Thursday 27 Feb 2014

UK Property Price Hits GBP 250,000 For First Time

The mean price of homes across the UK has now topped GBP 250,000 for the first time in history, according to the latest official figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS)...

Monday 24 Feb 2014

UK Homes Selling at Fastest Post-Recession Pace

The amount of time that UK homes spend on the market is at its lowest since the financial downturn, new data released has shown, as the supply and demand imbalance continues to push competition between buyers across the country...

Friday 21 Feb 2014

Scottish Commercial Property Deals Up 81% in 2013

London has long been the best place for investing in commercial property, particularly since the financial crisis hit the UK and sent valuations in regional areas of the UK tumbling. However, as the economy continues to recover...

Friday 14 Feb 2014

Commercial Property Investment at Six-Year High

Levels of investment in the commercial property sector are now at their highest recorded since 2007, according to the latest report compiled by DTZ...

Tuesday 11 Feb 2014

London Rental Prices are Double the UK Average

The price of renting properties in London is now more than double the average for the rest of the UK, the latest published figures from Gumtree have shown...

Tuesday 04 Feb 2014

Property Prices To See Strongest Growth In South-East

Property prices are set to grow by up to eight per cent in the UK in 2014 according to numerous commentators, but it will be the south-east of England where the best increases will be seen...

Friday 10 Jan 2014

Renters Make New Years Resolution to Buy

As the clock struck midnight on December 31st, many renters in the UK will have made a resolution to enter the property market this year. Indeed, in a move that could see rental prices stay flat for landlords in 2014...

Wednesday 08 Jan 2014

Scottish Property Prices Predicted to Rise 7% in 2014

House prices in Scotland are set to rise seven per cent next year, a new report suggests. According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the average cost of a home will increase...

Friday 03 Jan 2014

Is the Recovery Still Locked in London?

The UK property market is undoubtedly in a state of recovery but average growth statistics can often mask troubling regional disparities. Indeed, for several months price rises and increases in activity have been largely centred around London, with the rest of country often posting losses.

Monday 21 Oct 2013

Record High for UK House Prices

House prices in the UK have now hit a record high, according to figures from the Office for National statistics. In August, the House Price Index surpassed its previous January 2008 peak by 0.3 per cent...

Friday 18 Oct 2013

Aberdeen Hotel Sector Strong and Ripe for Investment

The Scottish hotel sector is the fastest growing in the UK, as recent data released by accountants BDO indicates year...

Friday 09 Aug 2013

Five Year High for Property Prices

Residential property prices in England and Wales have reached a five-year high, according to the latest index from Average asking prices now stand four per cent greater than this time in 2012...

Wednesday 17 Jul 2013

A Shake-Up (or more of a jiggle) for PRS Regulation in the UK

Last week was a big week for the UK's growing and increasingly vital private rented sector, or rather the regulation, or lack thereof. The Scottish government published a review of its strategy for the PRS...

Monday 03 Jun 2013

Could Aberdeen Supplant London as Hotel Hotspot?

London is known as a business and tourism hotspot in the UK, and has long enjoyed the buoyant hotel market that comes along with such a title. However, it could soon find itself supplanted by Aberdeen.

Thursday 16 May 2013

UK Housing More Affordable For Key Workers

More areas across the UK have become more affordable for property investment in the past 12 months, according to new research. Figures from the Halifax found that almost two-fifths of towns in the UK are now affordable for home purchase, compared to just four per cent in 2008.

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Should Happiness Factor into Property Investment?

Property investment has long been thought to be a numbers game, but it may pay to put facts and figures on the backburner in favour of a happiness rating...

Thursday 04 Apr 2013

Home Ownership Continues to Fall in England and Wales

Home ownership in England and Wales is dropping drastically. This is no longer something that economists suspect, or that analysts quip about in articles about generation rent, it is a cold hard fact as shown by official UK census data.

Friday 21 Dec 2012

Deer Stalking Could Be Lucrative For Hoteliers

A Scottish hotel in a rural location could prove to be a lucrative investment opportunity, as more and more seek an authentic Highland experience...

Wednesday 07 Nov 2012

Aberdeen Real Estate: The Next Investment Hotspot?

According to research published by PKF Accountants earlier this month, Aberdeen is one of the few UK hotel markets that experienced an increase in revenue and occupancy rates during July this year...

Monday 29 Oct 2012

UK Rents are Growing - But Just How High?

According to LSL Property Services rents in England and Wales hit a new high of £741 in September, but according to Move With Us rents ended (September) Q3 at £970. A big difference, especially given that both measure asking rents...

Monday 22 Oct 2012

Yorkshire Cities ''Face Battle for Property Investment''

The Yorkshire cities of Leeds and Sheffield need to work hard to ensure they do not lose their tier one status when it comes to being hubs for investment...

Tuesday 16 Oct 2012

UK House Prices Slide in Q3

The value of homes in the majority of the UK's regions fell in the third quarter of this year. This is according to the latest Nationwide House Price Index, which revealed prices were down by...

Wednesday 03 Oct 2012

Sentiment Towards Property Values Picks Up

There has been an increase in positivity towards property values recently, according to recent findings. The Knight Frank/Markit House Price Sentiment Index revealed that the outlook for house prices has improved...

Monday 24 Sep 2012

Homelet Rental Index Says Growth Mainly in London – LSL Disagrees

UK rents increased by 2.8% in July compared to June according to the latest index by Homelet. The average monthly rent in the UK in July was £789 per month...

Wednesday 29 Aug 2012

UK Property Market Still Lopsided and Uneven

The UK property market remains one of the most lopsided and dilapidated safe-havens in the world. That is, London is a safe-haven and it sits atop the high side of the lopsided market...

Friday 17 Aug 2012

Investment in UK Regions ''Steady''

UK regions outside central London are still attracting attention from investors, accounting for almost half (48 per cent) of total investment volumes in the country last year...

Thursday 28 Jun 2012

''Mixed Picture'' for Scottish Housing Market

Several organisations have recently released figures showing how the Scottish housing market is faring. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Scotland saw...

Monday 25 Jun 2012

Report: UK House Prices Supported By Lack Of Supply

A slowdown in the supply of residential homes is helping support UK house prices. Figures from Nationwide show values rose by 0.3 per cent in May compared with the previous month, although prices are still down...

Tuesday 05 Jun 2012

Average UK Rents Increase

The average cost of renting a UK property increased by five per cent in March, compared to the same month a year earlier...

Monday 23 Apr 2012

London Remains Top Target for Hotel Investment

The UK was the most liquid hotel investment market in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region during the first quarter of this year, with assets in London accounting for the bulk of the activity...

Thursday 19 Apr 2012

Scotland - Land of the Property Rich and the Property Poor

Research released earlier this month from the Bank of Scotland and the Halifax reports that the value of private housing stock in Scotland has increased over the past decade by 131%, representing the largest increase across the UK...

Friday 24 Feb 2012

The Perils of Being a UK Landlord in 2012

We have all heard recently about the unprecedented rental boom in the UK, but as a consequence of what created the boom, landlords now face a new threat...

Wednesday 08 Feb 2012

UK House Prices Down in January

Household sentiment about the value of properties in the UK slipped in January compared to December, a new survey has revealed. The Knight Frank/Markit January House Price Sentiment Index (HPSI) found that around 19 per cent of those questioned believed their home was worth less in January in comparison with the previous month....

Wednesday 25 Jan 2012

House Prices Rise in Most UK Regions

Many UK regions saw rises in house prices during 2011, according to a new report. Figures from Nationwide show values rose by 0.3 per cent on average across the board in the fourth quarter and by 1.1 per cent to GBP 163,822 for the year as a whole....

Wednesday 04 Jan 2012

Demand for house price cuts in Scotland

Scottish house sellers are gradually and increasingly being forced to lower their asking prices as buyers simply refuse to pay for their optimism...

Friday 02 Dec 2011

What's Happening to Rental Amounts in Your Area?

The latest HomeLet Rental Index has revealed that average rents across the UK fell in October compared to the previous month, although this was not the case for every region...

Tuesday 29 Nov 2011

Strong Property Price Growth Recorded In Scotland

Scotland and the north of England have experienced the greatest rises in property values over the past ten years, according to a new survey based on the price paid per square metre...

Monday 31 Oct 2011

London Rents And Capital Values 'Continue To Grow'

Rents and house prices in London grew in the third quarter of this year, according to the latest data from Savills. However, the firm noted that capital values jumped more than rents...

Wednesday 19 Oct 2011

Average UK Rents Fall In September

The HomeLet Rental Index for September has recorded a drop in average monthly rents across the UK, although the researchers noted that the amount tenants pay is still 4.5 per cent higher than a year ago....

Tuesday 18 Oct 2011

Average Rents Rise In The UK

The average rent for properties in the UK increased in July by 2.2 per cent over June to stand at GBP 767 per month, the HomeLet Rental Index has revealed...

Tuesday 09 Aug 2011

Recovery Expected for Regional Property Markets

Regional property markets should see more investor interest over the coming months, it has been noted, with one expert in real estate investment explaining...

Tuesday 19 Jul 2011

Govt Stats Reveal May Property Price Falls

New figures released by the Department for Communities and Local Government have shown that the average UK house price dropped in May...

Friday 15 Jul 2011

UK Farmland Values Climb to All-Time High

UK farmland has continued to be one of the best-performing asset classes so far this year, with demand far outstripping supply. Farmland values in the country have climbed to an all-time high during the first quarter of 2011 and now stand at GBP 7,900 per acre....

Thursday 14 Apr 2011

Scottish Buyers Growing in Confidence

As confidence in residential property markets around the world begins to grow, new figures show that investors and home buyers in Scotland are returning to the market....

Wednesday 06 Apr 2011

Retail in London Best Investment Option

Retail property in central London is regarded as one of the best investment options, according to the Colliers International Real Estate Capital Pricing Survey...

Friday 01 Apr 2011

UK Farmland Prices Soar

A lack of supply of good quality land in the UK has caused land values in the country to soar, with farmland prices reaching an all-time high in the last half of 2010.This is according to the latest report from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics), which noted that on average there was an increase of six per cent in land values....

Tuesday 01 Mar 2011