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Displaying 6 news articles, stories and information about Peru.


When you take all the divisions out of the equation, overall the global residential real estate market does seem to be making a comeback, in most cases fueled by internationalised (cross-border) demand levels...


The Telegraph has just published the top 20 buy to let investment destinations in the world based on data from the Global Property Guide. Given our experience in buy to let we thought it would be a good idea if we took a few examples from that...


Hotel investment is once again beginning to take centre stage in international real estate investment, as global tourism continues to recover well...


Investors looking for alternative real estate markets in which they can enter the Buy to Let (BTL) sector and receive good returns on their money may want to consider the merits of Panama City...


The latest Global Commercial Property Survey by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (UK) is positive on the prospects for growth in many global markets...


Globally, investor feeling towards commercial real estate purchases is picking up, with Latin American and Asian markets leading the way in terms of opportunities. ...