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David Miles

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Help to Buy, The Bank of England and the Madness of Chancellor George

In what would seem to be a move to deflect the negative criticisms of the Help to Buy policy (or possibly a bout of madness), Chancellor George Osborne has taken the move to hand over control of the policy itself to the Bank of England – shrewd move one might think on the face of it, until you look at the Bank of England track record...

Tuesday 01 Oct 2013

UK Property - Now Expensively Cheap

Recently there appears to be an increasing number of very broad statements regarding the UK housing market that when considered for more than just a fleeting moment makes me seriously wonder...

Thursday 30 Aug 2012

Revealed – How the UK Mortgage Industry Intends to Destroy the Housing Market

It would be nice, just once, to come into the office and see some genuinely positive news in the housing market. Sadly, this week the press and all the feeds of PR have failed again to come up with any real stories that could have a positive impact...

Wednesday 18 Apr 2012

Hybrid Mortgages - Quick Fix or Sudden Death?

It's not often I cover similar subjects in successive posts – but this week I was asked for my opinion by Kathleen Kelly at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation new proposals for hybrid mortgages by David Miles at the Bank of England...

Wednesday 11 Apr 2012

Solid Proof - The Bank of England Doesn't Understand the Housing Market

Proof that one of the top men in banking in the UK has no idea on how the housing market works. A man that is responsible for advising the government on mortgage lending policies and yet has repeatedly made outlandish statements to the press, the government, and is still employed at the Bank of England...

Friday 23 Mar 2012

Tighter Lending will have Short-Term Impact in UK

Despite lenders introducing tighter conditions, the UK housing market will only see a temporary drop in activity, Bank of England policymaker David Miles has claimed. Monthly approvals for mortgages have fallen..

Tuesday 05 Apr 2011