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Mat Oakley

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Are South-east Asians Really Driving the London Property Market?

Over recent years, the London property market has experienced increased activity from south-east Asia. Wealthy buyers are now seeking real estate investment opportunities in the UK capital...

Monday 17 Dec 2012

High Rise Developments Will Continue to be Money Makers

High rise developments in London will continue to be money makers. According to Mat Oakley, commercial research director for Savills, people are "prepared to pay" to own a piece of one of London's towers...

Tuesday 11 Dec 2012

UK Real Estate Attracting Strong European Investment

The UK commercial property investment market has been attracting an increasing amount of attention from European investors...

Monday 22 Oct 2012

Are Regional Office Markets Starting to Recover?

There are indications some of the UK's regional office markets are beginning to improve, with new Savills research highlighting the positive outlook for Manchester. In the report, which assesses the performance of the city's office sector...

Tuesday 12 Jun 2012

Regional Office Markets ''Will Strengthen in 2012''

The picture in regional office markets in the UK will begin to improve over the course of 2012, following a largely poor 2011...

Wednesday 14 Mar 2012

Diverse Portfolio 'Important' For Property Investors

Commercial real estate investors should not put all their eggs in one basket by ensuring they have properties in a mix of locations in their portfolios...

Thursday 20 Oct 2011

UK Commercial Property "A Unique Investment"

Investors turn towards commercial property investment in the UK in times of global economic turbulence because the asset class has certain characteristics that it is difficult to find elsewhere in the world....

Wednesday 12 Oct 2011

Real Estate 'A Safe Haven' In Times Of Economic Turmoil?

Following the announcement earlier this month that Standard and Poor's had downgraded the US's credit rating from its AAA status to AA+, global markets tumbled, with billions of dollars wiped off the price of stocks and shares around the world...

Thursday 01 Sep 2011

London's Property Recovery 'Should Help Other UK Locations'

Improvements in London's commercial property market should filter through to other locations around the country, it has been claimed...

Tuesday 02 Aug 2011