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Displaying 74 news articles, stories and information about Singapore .

Singapore Too Expensive for Decent Investment

Managers of the €1.6m Real Estate Capital Asia Partners (RECAP), SC Capital have said that property prices in Singapore need to drop another 30%

Monday 15 Jun 2015

Revealed: Investment Trends in Real Estate Markets 2015

2014 was an exciting year for international property investors and we’ve seen the market open wider than ever before as we get closer to.....

Friday 20 Feb 2015

International Hotel Sector to Boom in 2015

The international hotel sector is set for exponential growth in 2015 as Chinese insurers continue their foray into prime property markets.....

Wednesday 11 Feb 2015

Bridging the Gap - Successful Business done in Singapore

A six-week business trip to Singapore. Sounds fantastic right? That's certainly what Michelle Daly thought when she was asked to accompany the Group Sales Director!

Friday 19 Dec 2014

Singapore Largest Foreign Investor in Asia in 2014

Property speculators from Singapore have poured money into overseas real estate markets this year, amidst a cooling domestic market.....

Wednesday 03 Dec 2014

Singapore Housing Market Registers a Slowdown in 2014

In 2009, Singapore's fiscal policymakers launched a campaign to rein in speculation in the property market as home prices kept rising with interest rates remaining low, raising concerns of a housing bubble.

Tuesday 13 May 2014

First IPIN Global Exhibition in Singapore Hailed a Success

Singapore's leading real estate portal, organise some of the Asian property market's most important events and so we were delighted when we were invited to not only exhibit, but also host seminars at the two day UK/AUS Property Show which took place in April...

Wednesday 30 Apr 2014

Property Investment: The Rising Power of the Asian Investor

Asian investors are slowly becoming one of the superpowers of the world property market. As the rest of the world suffered as a result of the financial crisis...

Wednesday 26 Mar 2014

London Takes Number One Spot for Wealthy Investors

London has once again beat off competition from a number of other thriving cities around the globe to be named the number one city in the world for investment from the wealthy who have money to spend...

Wednesday 19 Mar 2014

Top 3 Nations Investing In The UK Property Market

The UK property market is the focus of considerable overseas investment, both residential and commercial. Indeed, it seems foreign buyers are shaping the future of Britain, especially in hubs like London...

Tuesday 07 Jan 2014

Singaporean Investors Shape the Future of London

The future of London appears to lie in Singapore, if recent dealings in the investment sector are anything to go by. Indeed, it seems the UK's capital is a prime stomping ground for overseas buyers and Singapore is leading the pack both in the private and institutional sector...

Thursday 07 Nov 2013

Ultra-Prime Property Purchases to Rise in Safe Havens

London's safe-haven status will ensure ultra-prime property purchases in the city continue to rise. Research by Candy & Candy, Savills and Deutsche Bank showed the value of residential property transactions over GBP 10 million in financial hubs like the capital will grow by 27 per cent over the next five years...

Wednesday 08 May 2013

Top 10 Cities for the Well-Heeled

When you've got money in your pocket the world is your oyster, but just where should you set your pin on the globe if you want to ensure you are seen in the hottest location?

Tuesday 16 Apr 2013

Savills Predicts US - UK Led Surge in Global Hotel Investment

Leading real estate firm Savills is tipping the US and UK to lead an international hotel investment surge in 2013. The firm predicts a significant increase in UK hotel investment on the £1.64 billion transacted last year...

Wednesday 20 Mar 2013

Commercial Investment in Asia Pacific to Grow

Commercial property investment across the Asia Pacific is set to grow this year, attracting buyers from around the globe. According to Jones Lang LaSalle, capital markets in the region will increase between ten and 15 per cent in 2013...

Monday 04 Feb 2013

Is Asian Property Growth Too Good To Be True?

You should never put all of your eggs into one basket, or so the old saying goes. The Asian property market is no exception to this rule and while there is undoubtedly growth, several factors call for trepidation, if not outright concern...

Monday 21 Jan 2013

Singapore Tightens Property Measures

Property investment in Singapore has just got more complicated, with the government announcing another round of tight real estate regulations. While the most sensationalist changes will affect the residential sector...

Friday 18 Jan 2013

JLLS Predicts Strong Year for Hotel Investment

Real estate big hitter Jones Lang LaSalle has predicted that global hotel investment will total $32 billion this year. The firm believes that more transparency will make it easier for cross-border investors in the sector...

Wednesday 16 Jan 2013

London Enjoys Record Property Sales

London has enjoyed a record year for property sales, bucking the European trend for falling house prices and market stagnation. According to new data a surge in demand has caused real estate transactions in the capital to hit the highest level since the start of the financial crisis...

Thursday 03 Jan 2013

Asian Property Markets Outperforming Despite Cooling Measures

The Asian property markets have been making the headlines for the wrong reasons more often than right lately, but even in the face of government cooling measures and continued economic uncertainty, we are still seeing rising prices...

Wednesday 07 Nov 2012

Apart-Hotels: Room for Growth in the UK Market

The apartment hotels (or apart-hotels) sector in the UK is growing, but it still has a long way to go before it catches up with the US market...

Monday 30 Jul 2012

Established Cities ''Outperforming New-World Counterparts''

Prime global cities in the 'old world' have outperformed their 'new world' counterparts in the latest Savills World Cities Review. Looking back at the final six months of 2011, the firm revealed property prices in destinations it classes as old world - London, New York, Paris, Sydney and Tokyo...

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Global Investors Seizing Commercial Opportunities in China

Global funds have been quick to seize on the new increase in opportunities to invest in commercial property deals in China, as cash-strapped developers sell-off assets to survive the current slowdown...

Thursday 10 May 2012

International Property: Battle of the Capitals - Asia

If the Asian property boom were a man, it would be one of those guys you see on the televised body building competitions, ripped, rippled and pumped but just a little bit grrr at the same time. If it were a novel...

Thursday 10 May 2012

How Will China's Hotel Market Fare in 2012?

There are signs that growth in the Chinese hotel market may be slowing down, largely as a result of reduced demand. Research published last month by STR Global showed that, during October, occupancy levels at Chinese establishments dropped by 2....

Monday 19 Dec 2011

Thai Hotels Set to Hike Prices

There is the possibility that hoteliers in Thailand will increase their room rates next year, it has been reported. The Bangkok Post recently highlighted predictions made by US firm Starwood Hotels and Resorts, which anticipates the cost of staying in a Thai hotel to rise by up to 20 per cent in 2012....

Friday 16 Dec 2011

Chinese Investors Buoy London Property - Who Is Next?

Foreign buyers have become a dominant force in the London property market, pushing up demand and pushing up prices. Over the last 12 months Chinese buyers have become known...

Tuesday 15 Nov 2011

New York Tops Investment Table

New York has received more investment in commercial property than any other destination in the world so far this year. According to figures published by Cushman and Wakefield, the US city saw investment rise by 165 per cent in the nine months to September....

Monday 10 Oct 2011

Top Cities For Billionaire Properties Identified

A new report by Savills has highlighted ten global cities that are attracting real estate investment from some of the world's most wealthy people...

Thursday 06 Oct 2011

Prime London Property Outperforms FTSE 100

Investors looking for a good return on their money should consider the prime central London property market, with one expert recently noting that, in terms of capital growth, it has well outperformed the FTSE 100....

Monday 03 Oct 2011

Top World Class Cities See Property Values Rise

The super prime real estate values in Savills top ten world class cities has increased by ten per cent during the first half of this year...

Monday 26 Sep 2011

Global Housing Market 'Stalls'

The global market for residential real estate has reached its weakest point since 2009, new research published by Knight Frank has revealed...

Monday 19 Sep 2011

Investors 'Increasingly Interested' In Distressed Property

Demand for distressed property rose significantly around the world during the second quarter of the year, the latest research from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) shows...

Friday 26 Aug 2011

Real Estate 'Outperforms Other Investments'

People who have ploughed their money into real estate assets are likely to find that this class has outperformed other sectors in terms of the return generated on the initial outlay...

Thursday 25 Aug 2011

Investors Turn To London Due To Strong Exchange Rates

Strong foreign exchange rates are just one of the reasons that international property investors are looking for assets in the UK capital's prime areas...

Wednesday 24 Aug 2011

Lack Of Space 'Could Buoy Europe's Office And Retail Market'

The slowdown in the global economy coupled with the effect of the downgrade of the US AAA credit rating could have an impact on real estate fundamentals, it has been suggested...

Friday 19 Aug 2011

New York Tops The List For Commercial Property Investment

New figures published by Jones Lang LaSalle have revealed that the highest volume of investment in commercial property transactions took place in New York...

Thursday 18 Aug 2011

Gap Emerging Between 'Old' And 'New' World Economies

The Savills World Class Index, which covers premier residential property locations around the world, has revealed that a gap is opening up between the "old world" and "new world" economies...

Friday 12 Aug 2011

Hong Kong Tops Prime Global Cities Index

Prime real estate assets in Hong Kong have experienced the highest annual growth rate - reaching 16.1 per cent - in the second quarter of this year...

Tuesday 09 Aug 2011

Asian Commercial Property Returns Stand at 6.4%

Investment returns for Asian commercial property were 6.4 per cent in 2010, new figures collated by IPD have revealed...

Tuesday 21 Jun 2011

European Property Investors 'Will Look to Asia'

Property investors in Europe are becoming increasingly interested in Asian markets, a senior executive at Savills has claimed. Speaking at the Reuters Global Real Estate and Infrastructure Summit..

Tuesday 21 Jun 2011

London Property Continues to Attract Overseas Buyers

As the London property market continues to comfortably outperform the rest of the UK, a growing number of wealthy overseas investors are purchasing real estate in the capital, the Evening Standard reports....

Thursday 16 Jun 2011

More Cooling Measures Introduced in Asian Property Markets

Cooling measures continued to be introduced by various governments across Asia over the first three months of the year in order to rein in surging property prices in the region, it has been suggested...

Wednesday 08 Jun 2011

Asian Buyers Snapping Up London Property

The London property market is booming. Recent indices have suggested that as the rest of the UK's real estate sector stagnates and splutters toward recovery, the English capital is racing ahead in terms of sales, stability and capital growth...

Friday 27 May 2011

Singaporean Property Market Records Strong Growth, Again

Sales of residential property in Singapore soared again in April, with activity up 29 per cent, new figures show. Local agents report that 1,788 home sales were recorded over the course of the month...

Thursday 26 May 2011

RICS Predictions Positive on Commercial Property Outlook

The latest Global Commercial Property Survey by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (UK) is positive on the prospects for growth in many global markets...

Thursday 26 May 2011

Commercial Property Markets Attracting Investor Interest

Globally, commercial markets are beginning to attract investment once again. Rics Global Commercial Property Survey for the first quarter has revealed that many investors appear increasingly bullish towards market prospects....

Monday 09 May 2011

Dubai Making Comeback as Property Investment Destination

Following a period of decline in the wake of the global financial crisis, Dubai is making a comeback as a real estate investment destination...

Thursday 28 Apr 2011

Overseas Buyers Drive Prime Property Prices Up in Singapore

Residential property buyers from mainland China are helping to push real estate values in Singapore to new market highs, according to the latest figures...

Tuesday 26 Apr 2011

Singaporean Property Market Boosted by Overseas Demand

Demand from overseas buyers is helping to drive the cost of private apartments in Singapore to record highs. The average value of a property now stands at USD 1,935 per square foot for prime areas....

Thursday 07 Apr 2011

Chinese Buyers Find Solace in Singapore Property

As the property market in China remains overheated, a growing number of native buyers are looking for opportunities that present themselves in Singapore, research from DTZ has suggested....

Monday 04 Apr 2011

Singapore Property Market Remains Robust

Following a successful sales performance in 2010, the Singapore property market has remained robust in the first quarter of 2011. Research by CB Richard Ellis (CBRE) has revealed that the total investment sales over the past three months....

Wednesday 30 Mar 2011

Asian Property Ends 2010 Strongly

A rapid resurgence in capital values among prime properties, improving business sentiment and growing investor confidence ensured that Asian real estate continued to grow in stature at the end of 2010....

Tuesday 22 Mar 2011

Asia Pacific Property Set for Tough Year

Investor interest in Asia Pacific property was up last year, with upmarket property group Savills reporting a near doubling of profits. The firm's Asia Pacific arm delivered an "outstanding performance" with revenues up 33 per cent to a record GBP 280 million...

Monday 21 Mar 2011

International Investors Spend Big in London

International property investors have bought more than 800 million GBP worth of London real estate sold at exhibitions in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong in 2010, it has been revealed...

Saturday 26 Feb 2011

Investor Sentiment Improving for Commercial Property

Globally, investor feeling towards commercial real estate purchases is picking up, with Latin American and Asian markets leading the way in terms of opportunities. ...

Thursday 17 Feb 2011

Indians Snap Up Property in Singapore

A growing number of Indian buyers are snapping up property in Singapore, despite the country introducing a series of cooling measures designed to stifle the real estate market. Savills Research and Consultancy senior manager Christine Sun explains that there has been a marked increase in the number of Indian buyers active in the country since 2008, Asia One has reported....

Monday 14 Feb 2011

Is the Red Hot Singapore Property Market Cooling?

Government-imposed cooling measures for the property market in Singapore appear to be having the desired effect, with sales dropping by around 30 per cent last month, new figures have revealed....

Tuesday 25 Jan 2011

Asian Buyers Look for Opportunities Down Under

Asian investors are increasingly looking to increase their exposure to the Australian real estate market, with many hoping to benefit from "untapped growth" in the country, Property Report has claimed....

Wednesday 05 Jan 2011

Singapore attracting global property investors

Overseas buyers are increasingly looking to invest in en bloc property in Singapore, it has been claimed. According to figures from the Urban Redevelopment Authority....

Thursday 23 Dec 2010

Investment in Asia-Pacific Property Remains Popular

Australia, Singapore and China are leading the commercial property market in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of direct investment, new figures show. According to figures from Jones Lang LaSalle, there is likely to be a further increase of buyers to the end of the year....

Tuesday 14 Dec 2010

Singapore Tops Asian Property Destinations

Singapore has been named as the top Asian destination for real estate investment, with Shanghai, Mumbai and Hong Kong also expected to perform strongly in the coming year. Strong economic growth and brisk activity in the financial and high-tech industries helped Singapore take the top spot, according to the survey jointly published by the global non-profit Urban Land Institute and PricewaterhouseCoopers....

Tuesday 07 Dec 2010

Singapore Property Prices Set for Further Growth

The central bank in Singapore has warned potential investors that real estate values in the country are set to rise once again, despite being generally accepted as already being too high. Low borrowing costs and excess liquidity on a global scale mean that upward pressure will be applied to prices....

Friday 03 Dec 2010

European and Asian Buyers Heading Down Under

A growing number of European and Asian investors are purchasing real estate in Australia as high interest rates continue to put off domestic buyers, it has been claimed. The Real Estate Buyers Association of Australia has said that a rise in the number of foreign buyers in the country is helping to drive demand....

Thursday 25 Nov 2010

Rise in Investment Activity in Asia

There was a significant rise in activity in Asia's real estate investment market during the third quarter of 2010, with confidence returning among buyers. During the three-month period, most of the region's major real estate markets regained momentum after a brief period of uncertainty....

Thursday 11 Nov 2010

Investors Drawn to Hong Kong and Singapore

Investors looking to maximise their returns in Asia are increasingly turning to the markets in Hong Kong and Singapore, it has been reported. The latest Colliers International Global Investor Sentiment Survey for the third quarter of 2010 has highlighted the growing popularity of the two destinations....

Wednesday 10 Nov 2010

Commercial Investors Look to Emerging Markets

Commercial real estate located in emerging countries has been found to be outperforming its more established counterparts. And, according to the latest global survey from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (Rics), this trend is likely to continue....

Thursday 04 Nov 2010

Asia Continues to Lead Global Recovery

The global real estate market recovery continues to be led by countries located in Asia. On averages, house prices in the region climbed by 14 per cent over the course of the past year. According to the Knight Frank Global House Price Index, the cost of real estate rose in 69 per cent of worldwide destinations in the past 12 months....

Friday 29 Oct 2010

Asia Pacific Poised for Further Growth

Commercial real estate investment in the Asia Pacific region rose by eight per cent during the third quarter of this year, new research has shown. DTZ has reported that the total investment volume for the three month period hit USD 29....

Monday 25 Oct 2010

Cooling Measures Not Impacting Market

Recent measures designed to cool the burgeoning real estate market in Asia are not making a significant impact, it has been claimed. According to a number of industry experts, the state of the global economy is likely to play a larger role on setting prices....

Tuesday 05 Oct 2010

Asian Property Surges in Q3

The property market in Asia has been touted as the best performing in the world at present and the latest data from DTZ shows that this trend is continuing. Indeed, the property consultant has revealed that Singapore's real estate market surged during the third quarter of the year....

Monday 04 Oct 2010

Asian Markets Attracting Investment

An increasing number of property investors are looking to Asia for favourable returns on real estate. Indeed, recent Global Property Guide data suggests that the region has been one of the best performing over the course of the year....

Wednesday 29 Sep 2010

Asian Investors Drawn to UK Property Market

Over the past year, an increasing number of Asian property investors have been snapping up real estate in the burgeoning London market. Estate agent Knight Frank claims that in total buyers from Asia have poured GBP 761 million into the market, a figure which is up from the GBP 250 million invested in 2009....

Friday 17 Sep 2010

Cross–Border Buying Boosts Commercial Property Transactions

The significant increase in global commercial real estate investment witnessed in 2010 compared to last year was bolstered by cross-border buying, it has been suggested. Research from Jones Lang LaSalle has found that commercial investment during the first half of 2010 totalled USD 132 billion - almost double the level seen in the period during 2009 (USD 76 billion)....

Thursday 16 Sep 2010