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Property Developers and Promoters

...I have been impressed with the efficiency, transparency and general expertise that this property investment leader has been able to offer us.

Through presenting us with unique investment strategies and really thinking "outside the box" to help us move forward with our development in especially difficult market conditions, they effectively sold out our initial project with them in the space of just 7 months, achieving unit sales in triple figures. A truly impressive performance given that other developers were being left high and dry from the global market fall-out. We will certainly be working closely with them in the future...

Paul Ellis
Managing Director, The Skelwith Group

Property Developers

IPIN offers selected developers from around the globe innovative solutions to securing construction finance or distribution opportunities.

IPIN and its affiliates are constantly looking for new property investment opportunities to offer to IPIN members. Due to the high volume of project applications we receive we ask all potential partners to initially complete the form below and submit this for review. If your proposition for members is of a different nature then please contact us here.

IPIN can offer the following to industry partners:

  • Volume sales on selected products
  • Professional and structured sales platform
  • Alternative construction finance
  • Agent sales networks
  • Marketing strategy consultancy
  • Creation of bespoke property investment opportunities

Prior to creating an IPIN Member proposition IPIN requires the following:

  • Production of all requested Due Diligence documents to a selected independent legal firm
  • Full product information
  • References
  • Company information and previous experience
  • Dedicated point of contact
  • Provision for real time availability updates and construction progress reports
  • Ability to negotiate unique preferred terms for IPIN members

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